Undergraduate study

Undergraduate study
Undergraduate study

New course

Our first undergraduate elective course launched in September 2020. Open to undergraduate students at the University of Edinburgh from any discipline, ‘Currents: Understanding and addressing global challenges’ will give students the opportunity to explore a current challenge facing the world from the perspective of different disciplines. Each year the course will focus on a live challenge facing the world and global communities: the focus for autumn 2020 will be the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Courses In development

Other courses being developed for 2021 include a course on Edinburgh itself, which will use our streets, closes, communities, festivals and bus routes to connect new students to their city and teach them how to think across disciplines.

A further course on the ethics and politics of data will explore the relationship between data and human moral judgements. This course will introduce students to the multiple foundations of ethics and give students the conceptual tools to think critically about data and its applications.

Another proposed course will bring together students from disciplines across the University to tackle real-world problems with a wider social, environmental, or economic impact, posed by organisations from the non-profit, public and private sectors.

Programme in development

Our first undergraduate programme is under development and we aim to launch it in 2023/24. It will take an innovative and interdisciplinary approach to tackling big contemporary challenges.

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