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How will it work?

How will it work?

How will it work?

The core partners of the programme are the University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh Napier University, Creative Edinburgh, and CodeBase, the largest technology incubator in the UK.

The R&D Partnership has the following objectives:

  1. To make Edinburgh a world class centre for creative industries talent who can design and research with data.
  2. To achieve a step change in the use of Data Driven Innovation to develop new products, services and experiences through R&D.
  3. To foster an ecosystem for Data Driven Innovation that creates new startups and scaleups and transforms existing creative industries.

We will achieve this through addressing a combination of four Innovation Challenges:

  1. Developing access to and engagement with new audiences and markets
  2. Developing new modalities of experience
  3. Unlocking value in archives and data sets
  4. Revealing new business models for the Creative Industries

Creative Informatics will eventually take up its long-term home in EFI, where it will find long term sustainability through further research grants as well as ongoing support from the City Region Deal, Scottish Enterprise and the City of Edinburgh Council.

Delivering Creative Informatics

Extending the capability of creatives to apply the next generation of DDI technologies requires a unique framework of R&D through collaboration between academia, industry and cultural partners. Based upon the engagement with partners since summer 2017, six primary initiatives have been co-designed to meet the needs for enhanced data literacy enabling the design and research with data:

  1. Challenge Projects: R&D projects co-created with academic, industry and cultural partners.
  2. Horizon Projects: The partnership will curate and convene small teams (software, creative, business partner) to pursue projects within a nascent data driven technology.
  3. Creative Informatics Labs: Monthly workshops for partners that provide direct access to sectors of the Creative Industries to demo, trial and explore new technologies.
  4. Creative Bridge: A dedicated DDI innovation programme for the Creative Industries predicated on a pre-accelerator model to help products and services bridge the Valley of Death to Series A Investment.
  5. Resident Entrepreneurs Programme: provide creative entrepreneurs with space, time and resources to develop products ready for the marketplace, co-located at partner organisations.
  6. Connected Innovators: programme for individuals who are able to span several disciplines needed to succeed, providing them with time and space to engage in R&D and build leadership skills.