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Professor Melissa Terras

EFI Research Director

Melissa Terras is the Professor of Digital Cultural Heritage at the University of Edinburgh‘s College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, which she joined in October 2017, leading digital aspects of research within CAHSS at Edinburgh, as well as building digital capacity in the new Edinburgh Futures Institute. Her research focuses on the use of computational techniques to enable research in the arts, humanities, and wider cultural heritage and information environment that would otherwise be impossible.

Dr Ewa Luger

EFI Deputy Director of Research

Ewa Luger is a Chancellor’s Fellow in Digital Arts and Humanities, University of Edinburgh and a fellow of the Alan Turing Institute. Her work explores applied ethical issues within the sphere of machine intelligence and data-driven systems. Her work focuses on the moral, social and policy implications of intelligent and data-driven systems, particularly in the context of Human-Data Interaction. This encompasses practical considerations such as data governance, consent, privacy, explainable AI, and how intelligent networked systems might be made intelligible to the user, with a particular interest in distribution of power and spheres of digital exclusion.

Valentina Guerrieri

EFI Senior Research Project Manager

Valentina Guerrieri leads the operational development of the EFI Research environment and community. She is responsible for providing strategic and operational advice and managerial support to the Director of Research, the Deputy Director of Research, the Head of EFI and the EFI Programme Manager and supporting the delivery of the Institute’s initiatives. Valentina is also in charge of recruiting, managing and developing professional services staff working for EFI Research.

Anna Votsi

EFI Research Proposals Manager

Anna Votsi works with EFI researchers, their external partners, and other colleagues in the university to coordinate and develop research proposals. Her main responsibilities include managing the process and timeline of submission for strategic research proposals, giving advice on the design, structure and resourcing of the projects and drafting or giving feedback on the non-scientific parts of funding applications. She also provides advice on funders and funding streams, and supports capacity building in the EFI research community by creating best practice processes and tools for research proposals.

Dr Lucia Michielin

Digital Skills Training Manager

Lucia Michielin’s main responsibilities involve planning, designing and coordinating a comprehensive digital research methods training programme for researchers in the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Science. Lucia has considerable experience in designing and delivering training courses focused on data skills and digital research methods and can apply specialist technical expertise and knowledge to developing training in digital skills to our academic community and post-graduate students, in collaboration with the Centre of Data Culture and Society (CDCS), as well as supporting the development of data-intensive projects.