What will we do?

What will we do?
What will we do?

The R&D Partnership will foster data driven innovation across cultural and creative organisations and businesses, increasing their productivity and growth and use the expertise of data-focused businesses (software, IT, web etc) to provide new products and services for the creative industries. Furthermore, it will encourage creative entrepreneurs to found new businesses to capitalise on opportunities arising from the deeper understanding of data gained through their involvement in the R&D Partnership.

A key strand of the partnership will be a scheme to improve data literacy in Edinburgh.

It will bring together more than 25 organisations – including the Edinburgh International Festival, the Fruitmarket Gallery and the BBC.

Over the next five years, it will also seek to create more than 60 new businesses. These will use data-driven technology to develop new products, services and visitor experiences.

Project leaders suggest that the collaboration could lead to new commercial products for home entertainment, new ways to buy products and services by experiencing them first, and innovative online experiences for remote participation.

It will also help to explore new synergies in the digital archives of the national collections.

Working with the City Deal DDI programme, Creative Informatics will provide support for:

  • Talent: the development of DDI courses within the University will complement the AHRC funding which is focussed on developing talent within partner organisations.
  • Research: the City Deal will provide infrastructure for externally funded R&D across Creative Informatics.
  • Adoption: Creative Informatics and City Deal will also support adoption of DDI by organisations across a wide variety of sectors.
  • Datasets: Creative Informatics and the DDI programme will invest in improving access to regional data assets which Creative Informatics will draw on.
  • Entrepreneurship: the DDI Programme within Creative Informatics will support cohorts of Resident Entrepreneurs and will leverage funding for 72 stipends to Creative Informatics.