Scottish Prevention Hub

A collaboration between EFI, Police Scotland and Public Health Scotland. The focus is on embedding a public health approach to prevention and wellbeing across Scotland.

In practical terms there is a physical presence of key staff from across all three partners co-located within Edinburgh Futures Institute, ‘the hub,’ combined with a focus on data, evidence and expertise, underpinned with an emphasis on education and learning. 

The key Prevention Hub goals include:

  • Establish a ‘Prevention Hub’ to formalise the structure of the partnership, agree principles for working, and focus efforts on reducing inequalities through actions to improve health and wellbeing. The Hub will be located at the Edinburgh Futures Institute.
  • Develop a sustainable and innovative ‘prevention’ ecosystem prioritising a whole system approach, combined with utilising evidence informed action around key prevention challenges.
  • Build capacity and capability for complex collaborative work, with a focus on the collaborative group process and ‘how’ to work more effectively across boundaries, disciplines, and organisations.

Prevention Hub Lead at Police Scotland 
Clair Thomson
Head of Strategic Public Health Collaboration Unit and Collaboration Transformation Manager

Prevention Hub Lead at Public Health Scotland
Dr Diane Stockton
Consultant in Public Health, Head of Clinical, Public Health Intelligence and Research Division, Strategic lead for Health and Justice

For more details about the Prevention Hub email Kristy Docherty.

Meet the team

Kristy Docherty

Director, Public Services
| Prevention Hub | Public Services Innovation Lab

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