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We collaborate with a broad range of organisations to address complex challenges and make positive impact.

We can help you to frame and understand the challenges facing your sector, organisation, or practice, to explore new ways of thinking and working, to unlock value in your data, and to enable transformational, sustainable, and ethical change. We support challenge-led, interdisciplinary, co-creative and data-driven innovation.

DOUGLAS GRAHAM [Director of Business Engagement & Partnerships]
on the value of collaborating with EFI

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Something that’s central to the vision of the Futures Institute is to be challenge-focused and to collaborate and co-create with partners across different sectors around complex challenges. And the work of our team is to make that connection and collaboration happen. We do that by developing deep expertise in some key sectors, understanding their innovation landscapes and the challenges and needs and opportunities presented by organizations in the sectors. 

Our data-driven innovation program gives us a particularly deep focus on four sectors that are vital to our local and national economy: financial services and fintech, public services, creative industries and tourism, festivals and travel. But we work with organizations from almost any sector if they’re interested in exploring how they can innovate and collaborate around complex challenges. We’d encourage businesses who are interested in that to get in touch. 

We can help connect them with our student talent or with other organizations looking at similar challenges from different perspectives. We can provide access to academic expertise and learning opportunities within the university, and we can also provide a lot of practical support on the process of exploring challenges and co-creating around futures in complex multi-stakeholder environments. 

Our collaboration opportunities are designed to bring academic and industry expertise together to develop innovation capacity and create solutions.

Get involved with:

Co-creation and design thinking workshops

Education, training and development

Futures-focused facilitation and consultancy

Sector-focused events and networking

Student challenge projects

Research and innovation projects

Long-term strategic partnerships

Shaping the future through world-leading, interdisciplinary research, innovation, and knowledge creation.

We are part of a world-leading, research-intensive university, ranked 4th in the UK for research power (Times Higher Education’s REF power ratings). People from across the University of Edinburgh drive everything we do and bring knowledge, insight, ethical practice, and disciplinary expertise to our challenge-led and interdisciplinary approach.

Get inside the minds of some of the leading thinkers navigating routes to better futures at Edinburgh Futures Institute.

Latest thinking

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Why can’t we work together?

Public Services
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Why We Need To Shape Innovation

Public Services

Edinburgh Futures Institute is one of six Data Driven Innovation hubs at the University of Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt University.

We are part of a regional power-house for collaboration and data innovation with industry partners. With expertise and facilities to help key sectors become more innovative through data, we offer specialist innovation services – delivering new value, outcomes, and transformations for people, communities, organisations, and sectors.

Building future skills and knowledge to help tackle the world’s complex challenges.

We offer custom designed executive education to meet specific needs for teams and organisations. Our executive education and professional development courses are designed to challenge, inspire, and transform your thinking.

We also offer 13 postgraduate degree programmes which have been specifically designed to support interdisciplinary, sustainable, ethical co-creation and data-driven innovation across multiple fields.

Investing in the next generation to help tackle the complexities of our future world.

The future workplace is interdisciplinary, multi-modal, and challenge-led. Our students graduate with core data skills, knowledge of data ethics, the ability to interrogate issues of global scope and complexity, and with the creative and entrepreneurial mind-set to problem-solve that is vital for building better futures.

We have lots of exciting opportunities to connect our diverse and talented students with a range of professional and sector-specific experience.

We are experts, thinkers, dreamers; united in engaging and innovating with individuals and organisations to navigate complex challenges.

Headshot of Allesandro Rosiello

Alessandro Rosiello

Director, Innovation
Headshot of Caroline Parkinson

Caroline Parkinson

Director, Creative/Sector Engagement Manager, Creative Industries
Headshot of Douglas Graham

Douglas Graham

Director, Business Engagement & Partnerships
Headshot of Jackie Whittaker

Jackie Whittaker

Portfolio Manager
Headshot of Joshua Ryan-Saha

Joshua Ryan-Saha

Director, TravelTech Scotland / Sector Engagement Manager (Festivals & Tourism)

Kam Chan

Engagement Producer

Kristy Docherty

Director, Public Services
Headshot of Lynne Craig

Lynne Craig

Deputy Director, Innovation
Headshot of Maddy Burgoyne

Maddy Burgoyne

Engagement Administrator

Noreen O’Donnell

Business Engagement Executive
Headshot of Pushpi Bagchi

Pushpi Bagchi

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Data + Design Lab
Photograph of Steve Earl

Steve Earl

Portfolio Manager
Headshot of Tobi Schneider

Tobi Schneider

Sector Engagement Manager, Financial Services & Fintech
Headshot of Vlada Kravtsova

Vlada Kravtsova

Engagement Manager, Education


headshot of owen kelly

Owen Kelly

International Coordinator
| International

Sectors in focus

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Financial Services
& FinTech


tourism, Travel
& festivals

“CodeBase are big believers in co-locating people from different backgrounds, who are all trying to explore, create new things, and scale their first moments of product market fit. We think this is the best way to build successful communities.

That’s why we’re excited to be part of Edinburgh Futures Institute; it’s the perfect environment to forge new connections and widen networks – and indeed network effects.”

Steven Drost, CSO, CodeBase

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New tenancy and membership opportunities coming 2024/25.

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Executive Education

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We can create better futures

We work with individuals, businesses, and organisations across public, private, and third sectors. While much of our work focuses on our four key sectors, we are open to working with people and organisations from any sector.

Examples of organisations we collaborate with:
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We’d love to discuss potential collaborations and opportunities and how we can innovate together.

Join us to challenge, create, and make change happen.