Lynne Craig

Deputy Director, Innovation
Engagement & Innovation
Headshot of Lynne Craig

Lynne Craig helps other makers, educators, and business owners to find opportunity in the anomalies and outliers that emerge when different worlds intersect, collaborating with technologists, designers, engineers, and CEOs to challenge conventions and design new applications for emerging technologies.

Lynne’s role is often defined by crafting new conditions that will unleash knowledge, prompt unexpected tensions, and ignite the minds of others. Throughout her career she has built businesses, created products, designed systems, and continues to reimagine what the role of making in design, education, and business looks like for tomorrow. With extensive experience in industry and academia, Lynne is fluent in the language of design, business, and education and uses a vocabulary developed over decades to unite and ignite them all.

Her leadership role within the Edinburgh Futures Institute seeks to define cultures, innovation and empower an entrepreneurial mindset. Her strategy around thought-leadership, and framing of research as lenses will enable multiple viewpoints to futures yet written. Her goal is to ensure a porous and accessible route for engaging with multiple audiences to imagine opportunity.

Join us to challenge, create, and make change happen.