Three New Postgraduate Programmes Launched For 2024-25 Entry

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Edinburgh Futures Institute has launched three new MSc programmes for 2024-25 entry.

Applications are open for all our postgraduate programmes for 2024-2025 entry.

We offer 13 interdisciplinary postgraduate programmes for those who embrace new ways of thinking and want an education that helps shape a better future, for themselves and for our world.

We launched three new programmes this year: Cultural Heritage Futures, Future Infrastructure, Sustainability and Climate Change, and Child Protection Data Futures.

The three new programmes join our portfolio of futures focused, interdisciplinary and challenge-led degrees all of which address the data and higher-order skills we know are important for the future of work, for confident and critical citizenship, and a thriving, just society.

Cultural Heritage Futures

Cultural Heritage Futures is designed to shape the future of the heritage sector by equipping graduates to become creative heritage professionals committed to data-informed innovation with social purpose. Interdisciplinary by design, students will benefit from academic expertise across different subject areas such as Archaeology, History, Social Anthropology, Computing Science, Geosciences and Education.

Dr Chiara Bonacchi, Programme Director for the programme said:

Our degree draws from world-leading expertise in cultural heritage futures and offers students the possibility to connect with the Heritage Minds Lab. The Lab investigates new, data-rich approaches to heritage research and practice and explores how encounters with the past shape contemporary values, decision-making and future-thinking in an increasingly digital world.” 

Future Infrastructure, Sustainability and Climate Change

The Future Infrastructure programme offers an interdisciplinary approach to existing and future infrastructure needs of the planet in the face of the climate emergency.

Professor Sean Smith, Programme Director of Future Infrastructure said:

This programme is built around interdisciplinary thinking, developing creative and critical approaches to building and adapting future infrastructure, recognising the data skills needed to address complex social challenges, and the application of knowledge to live projects.” 

Child Protection Data Futures

The Child Data Protection Data Futures programme seeks to build data skills and connect disciplines across the complex child protection system to ensure safer futures for all children, free from exploitation and abuse.

Professor Deborah Fry and Dr Zoe Lamobourne, Co-Directors of the programme said:

“This programme will equip graduates with the specialist skills to make an impact, with a value-driven, socially responsible contribution to tackling child maltreatment and youth violence globally.” 

Most of our postgraduate programmes are available to study on campus, online, or both through our innovative fusion learning format.

Knowledge and skills for global challenges

Our programmes are focused on helping graduates build careers that can rise to the challenges faced by an increasingly complex and globally connected world. All our programmes address big issues facing society. Our cluster of programmes in sustainability for example, includes: Circular Economy, Planetary Health, Sustainable Lands and Cites, and the newly launched Future Infrastructure, Sustainability and Climate Change programme.

These programmes are for those who want to tackle the climate crisis, investigate the forefront of public and planetary health, address our future infrastructure and urban planning needs, or explore sustainable business ideas, guided by our cross disciplinary expertise.

Join our virtual Open Day events

Our Open Day sessions are a great way to find out more about our programmes and what study at the Futures Institute is all about. Register for our virtual open day events on 14 to 16 November.

Tues 14 Nov, 12:00-13:15: Introduction to the ‘creative futures’ programmes including:

  • Creative Industries
  • Cultural Heritage Futures
  • Narrative Futures: Art, Data, Society
  • Service Management and Design

Wed 15 Nov, 12:30-13:45: Introduction to the ‘just futures’ programmes including:

  • Child Protection Data Futures
  • Data and Artificial Intelligence Ethics
  • Education Futures
  • Future Governance

Thurs 16 Nov, 14:00-15:15

Introduction to the ‘sustainable futures’ programmes including:

  • Circular Economy
  • Data Inequality and Society
  • Future Infrastructure, Climate and Sustainability
  • Planetary Health
  • Sustainable Lands and Cities

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