Building a holistic research environment at EFI

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Our recently published  research strategy outlines commitment to a challenge-led approach alongside support for producing meaningful and sustained impact in society.

Our recently published  research strategy outlines commitment to a challenge-led approach alongside support for producing meaningful and sustained impact in society.

Excellent research lies at the heart of EFI’s activities. Research is a core element of our innovative teaching programmes and it informs and supports our business and public engagement initiatives. We bring innovation practices into our research activities and culture and we actively encourage academics to adopt a challenge-led approach to their research. For example by identifying challenges with external partners, organisations and businesses, and framing these challenges as research projects.

Building on EFI’s ethos, our strategy highlights the current and future priorities for research at EFI:

  • Consolidate the University of Edinburgh’s leadership in Data Driven Innovation Research;
  • Develop research capacity by retaining local talent and attracting global talent working on topics related to our research themes;
  • Enhance the significance and impact of our research.

We will use these priorities to ensure our research support is agile and responsive to future challenges. We will build relationships with stakeholders based on these priorities.

Defining EFI’s research objectives

Over 15 years, our aim is to increase Data Driven Innovation (DDI) income through research activity. We will do this by supporting new research in key DDI sectors and the researchers who already focus on these sectors.

We will establish networks and communities and help them grow with a view to developing distinct Research Centres that align with our strategic research themes. We provide advice and guidance  to research communities and networks in order to help practitioners pursue  their research ambitions.

EFI offers schemes to support both students and academic communities. Find out more on our Research pages.

We are working with EFI’s engagement and adoption programme to expand support for the events we offer. This includes developing innovative approaches – online and offline, competitions, hacks and teach-outs for example. We also collaborate with the EFI Education Programme to embed our research community, its teaching and practice, in EFI’s educational offer. We ensure that leading researchers are used in courses and we provide opportunities for students and partners to develop cutting-edge research skills through hands-on participation in projects.

EFI is developing a culture of celebrating research achievements and ensuring research is valued. We are committed to promoting an inclusive research culture where both students and academics are empowered and recognised.

Key themes defined by data innovation

EFI Research will focus on challenges and opportunities posed by Data Driven innovation in four main sectors and two cross-cutting themes:

  • Financial services including Fintech
  • Creative
  • Tourism and festivals
  • Data civics

Further, we have two cross cutting themes of future infrastructure and ethics of AI and data.

If you are a researcher or staff at the University of Edinburgh please visit our intranet for more information or contact EFI Senior Research Project Manager Valentina Guerrieri directly.

Join us to challenge, create, and make change happen.