DCH Cluster Member awarded prestigious Chancellor’s Fellowship

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Dr Tanja Romankiewicz has been awarded a prestigious 5-year tenure track fellowship focused on innovative research, for her interdisciplinary work in in archaeology and architecture.

Dr Tanja Romankiewicz has been awarded a prestigious 5-year tenure track fellowship focused on innovative research, for her interdisciplinary work in in archaeology and architecture. 

Tanja is interested in how people in the past shaped their world and expressed ideas through things, and researches ancient designs, buildings, and material technologies in long-term perspectives, from prehistory to modern day.  

Her research has revealed how dynamic and sustainable prehistoric architecture has been, and how modern buildings could be so again – in the face of climate change. To visualise these metamorphosing buildings, Tanja is experimenting with digital image manipulations. Layering photographs and graphic sketches, she aims to produce abstract reflections rather than immersive virtual realities.

She is also developing a project on the design concepts of European Celtic Art, investigating the possibility of artists with different neurological abilities. How different visual experiences were valued in the past can inform new perspectives in mental health. To trace the technology behind the Iron Age designs, Tanja plans to create multi-scalar, 3D-digital recordings, from which virtual and 3D-printed models can be created for future research and educational use.

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