Who we are

Who we are

Who we are

DIIL is a consortium of the Neuropolitics Research Lab of the University of Edinburgh, M&C Saatchi World Services and International Cultural Relations. It is led by a team from the consortium and includes affiliated University of Edinburgh academics and associated researchers.

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    Professor Laura Cram

    Director of the University of Edinburgh’s Neuropolitics Research Lab

    Laura Cram is Professor of European Politics at the University of Edinburgh’s School of Social and Political Science. Her lab, The Neuropolitics Research Lab, uses social computational and experimental approaches, including fMRI brain scanning, face-emotion coding, eye-tracking and physiological hormone testing to get ‘under the hood’ of political attitudes, identities and behaviours.

    Dr Gerry Power

    Chief Research Officer, M&C Saatchi World Services

    Dr Power’s team designs and delivers communication research, insights and evaluation for Multi-laterals, Bi-laterals, Trusts, Foundations and NGOs. Prior to M&C Saatchi World Services, he was Director of Research and Learning at the BBC World Service Trust from 2003-10. He has taught at various universities including UCLA and the London School of Economics.

    Stuart MacDonald, FRSA

    Director at International Cultural Relations

    A founding Director of International Cultural Relations Ltd (ICR), a leading consultancy in soft power and international cultural relations, Stuart has a background in both policy and academia. Experience which led him to set up ICR to act as a bridge between theory and practice, combining academic rigour with extensive knowledge and experience of international relations, educational and cultural policy, and digital strategy.

    University of Edinburgh affiliates

    Dr Robin Hill

    Senior Laboratory Manager, Cognitive Science
    • School of Informatics
    • NRLabs Neuropolitics Research
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    Dr Clare Llewellyn

    Career Development Fellow, Social Computational Analysis

    Walid Magdy

    Director of the Social Media Analysis and Support for Humanity (SMASH) group
    • Reader at School of Informatics
    • Fellow, Alan Turing Institute (London)
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    DIIL Researchers

    Ibrahim Abu Farha

    Social Media Analysis and Support for Humanity (SMASH) group

    Youssef Al Hariri

    Social Media Analysis and Support for Humanity (SMASH) group

    Maysara Hammouda

    Social Media Analysis and Support for Humanity (SMASH) group

    Luke Stephens

    Digital Influence and Intelligence Lab (Executive Education)

    Maria Consuelo Thiers Huerta

    Digital Influence and Intelligence Lab (Research Fellow)