Digital Refugee Livelihoods and Decent Work – Towards inclusion in a fairer digital economy

A new report by the International Labour Organization (ILO) now explores the growing role of digital economies for refugees, including case studies from Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.

Grounded Speculation: Feeling into Digital Ruins

A landscape photo edited with geometric overlays in pink, teal, and green. The scene shows a grassy and rocky terrain with scattered trees. A part of the image is filtered with a pink hue, and another with a green hue, adding an abstract effect.

Abstract In heritage and archaeology 3D models and visualisations are often characterised as capturing reality—as recording, or even preserving, heritage values. This discussion of a practice-led research project aims to be particularly attentive to the conditions that framed an engagement with/in dual field sites—one a ruined village in the Troodos Mountains in Cyprus and the … Read more

Selfie Democracy: Barack Obama, Donald Trump, and the New Digital Politics

A person with short, light-colored hair and white-framed glasses is looking slightly to the side with a subtle smile. The image has a sepia tone, and pink diagonal lines decorate the corners. The person is wearing a collared shirt and a jacket.

On May 4th, Professor Elizabeth Losh will be speaking about research done for her forthcoming book Selfie Democracy (MIT Press, 2022). Based on interviews with White House insiders, archival research, and a trove of digital data, it reveals important insights about the smart phone practices of the most significant actors in recent American politics—Barack Obama and Donald Trump as presidents and Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden as presidential candidates—and how their approaches to domestic governance and crisis management related to their everyday technological choices as users of computational media.

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