The Utopia Lab

Utopia is a ‘no-space’ for contemplation, innovation and collaboration. Our labs curate interactions between academics, artists, entrepreneurs, students and audiences in person and online globally. We are interested in that which is provocative, challenging and irreverent as well as that which is nurturing, supportive and joyful. Utopia questions will be set as catalysts for inquiry and creative learning. With an emphasis on experimental ways of thinking, communicating and making, we will explore meditation, dialogue and co-creation with the help of a facilitator. Participants consist of University staff and students, and non-University practitioners.

This project is supported by the Edinburgh Futures Institute, the Festival of Creative Learning and the Institute for Academic Development.

Upcoming Utopia Lab Events

From 3-5 June, a diverse group of staff, students and external organisations will come together to answer the question: ‘How can technology help the world to heal?’

The participants, who come from a range of backgrounds and disciplines, will explore this question without boundaries. The lab will be experimental, co-created, provocative, meditative and… we will see what else! They will also consider what utopia means, and how it could be a useful crucible in which to explore positive change.

On Wednesday 5 June the group will showcase their response to the question, and engage the audience in their experience of this experimental new Utopia Lab. The form the event could take is totally open so audiences should be prepared for utopian delights and surprises. For more details on the event click here.

We also hope the event will spark debate for further discussions on how technology might help the world to heal.