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The Centre for Future Infrastructure (CFI) – a multidisciplinary research network led by the University – is associated with a successful bid to improve future scenario planning. The network, which is part of the Edinburgh Futures Institute, will support the recently launched Centre for Digital Built Britain, a Cambridge-based initiative funded by the UK government.

The University’s Centre for Future Infrastructure (CFI), within the Edinburgh Futures Institute, is part of a new funded network to improve infrastructure planning under uncertainty. 

The network is supported by Centre for Digital Built Britain, a Cambridge-based organisation funded by the UK government to coordinate research and innovation in that area.

Considered approach

The £45k Methodologies for Planning Complex Infrastructure Under Uncertainty network will work with industry and government to identify requirements for new capabilities in planning practice, and how the research community can help develop these through tech transfer and research projects.

This will be achieved through workshops with industry and government, in depth discussions with key partners, and scoping the existing research landscape.

Expert team

The multidisciplinary team is led by Dr Chris Dent, one of the Edinburgh’s Alan Turing Institute Fellows and an industrial mathematician by background, specialising in energy systems.

He will be supported at Edinburgh by Professor Gordon Masterton from the School of Engineering, Dr Tom Reynolds from the Institute for Infrastructure & Environment and PhD student Adam Anysciewicz.

Partnering institutions are the Durham University, Sussex UniversityPlea, LSE and the Alan Turing Institute.

Intellectual hub

CFI enables world class experts and students from a diverse ranges of fields to work with external organisations facing infrastructure challenges.

A research and teaching strand within EFI, it will spark and incubate new ideas, forging them into practical opportunities and applications.

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