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Gallery of Children’s Drawings — Sport and Physical Activity in Scotland

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Data for Children Collaborative recently shared a gallery of children's drawings, part of a wider set of data for a project investigating the impact of Covid-19 on children and young people's involvement in sport and physical activity.

Data for Children Collaborative recently shared a gallery of children’s drawings, part of a wider set of data for a project investigating the impact of Covid-19 on children and young people’s involvement in sport and physical activity.

The project responded to a ‘challenge question’ posed by the Observatory for Sports in Scotland, which asked: “Where and how has Covid-19 impacted children’s access to recreational sports across Scotland?”

A child's drawing showing two scenes: on the left, a stick figure playing with a ball in a garden under a blue sky; on the right, two stick figures exercising in front of a TV. The text below reads, "Lockdown was hard to work out so I had to play in my garden & had to do Joe Wicks.

In response to the challenge question, Data for Children Collaborative built and supported a transdisciplinary team that tracked how participation rates among 5-18 year olds compare before, during, and after the pandemic.

The collaborative team included the Data for Children Collaborative, the Observatory for Sport in Scotland, and Abertay University’s School of Sport and Exercise Sciences.

With the support of the wider team, researchers at Abertay University collected data through online surveys for young people, children, and their families, focus groups discussions with young people, and interviews with sports organisations. 

A child's drawing in orange marker shows five stick figures and a soccer goal with a ball. The top text reads, "In an ideL WOrld I WOuld like more people doing sports and more sports clubs, and I would like there to be more girls soccer team clubs.

A fundamental part of the project was the ability to match lived experience with what the data is showing. To do this, the team needed to reach out and listen to children and young people across Scotland about their experiences of sports and physical activity.

The gallery of children’s drawings is an example of how the team gathered responses from children themselves about their experience related to sports and physical activity during Covid-19.

Data for Children Collaborative Director, Alex Hutchinson, said:

“This research exercise is committed to empowering children and young people in Scotland. Through a participatory approach, we have provided them a platform to express their experiences and hopes. This approach is not just about listening to their voices but also about giving them the power to influence policy and practice in Scotland, ensuring their needs and rights to health and happiness are met.”

A final report of policy recommendations for this project, which incorporates the findings of this qualitative exercise, is due to be released on 19 June.

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