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How technology is remaking the financial world

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On 23 November at the Innovation, Disruption and Collaboration event a distinguished panel will discuss how technological innovation has reshaped the financial landscape, placing efficiency, customer experience and ease of use centre stage.

A distinguished panel of speakers will discuss how technological innovation has reshaped the financial landscape and placed efficiency, customer experience and ease of use at centre stage.

On 23 November, the University of Edinburgh’s Business School will host Innovation, Disruption and Collaboration: What Next for the Financial Ecosystem?, which will look at the shifting relationship between FinTech start-ups and incumbents.

This joining of different perspectives and sharing of techniques has the potential to create some exciting innovative approaches to service provision – from the individual scale to large corporates.

A significant development has been seen in Scotland. Edinburgh University’s School of Informatics is the largest in Europe, and following a decade of focused development in digital and data science, Edinburgh is now an international leader in digital technologies.

The event will explore how technology is changing culture within organisations and how organisations interact with each other.

Topics to be discussed will include: the need for greater collaboration, how best to cross-sectoral issues such as financial crime and a lack of transparency, and how technology can be utilized to facilitate progress and inclusion in the financial ecosystem.

Event details

The panel will feature:

  • Professor Paolo Quattrone, Chair in Accounting and Dean of Special Projects, University of Edinburgh Business School
  • Stephen Bird, CEO, Global Consumer Bank, Citi
  • Niall Dennehy, Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer, AID:Tech
  • Peter Ferry, Co-Founder and Commercial Director, Wallet.Services

The panel will be followed by networking drinks.

The event is aligned with the University’s Edinburgh Futures Institute which is designed to foster interdisciplinary thinking, teaching and action. It will focus on combining the University’s world-class expertise in data science with the arts, humanities and social sciences to tackle issues from different and unconventional perspectives and thereby aim to improve civic services, catalyse creative sectors and address challenges in financial technology.

This event is also being co-hosted by the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment and CFA UK.

To find out more and register, visit the event’s website:

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