Research Projects & Awards

Determining Sustainable Data Futures: Statistical Capacity Development in Africa

Marlee Tichenor.
Post-doctoral Research Fellow in Medical Anthropology
Justyna Bandola-Gill.
Research Fellow in Science and Technology Studies
Sotiria Grek.
Professor in European and Global Education Governance, School of Social and Political Science

The proposed project will analyse this new era of global governance by data through a focus on the struggles and collaborations between heterogeneous organizations over their processes and practices of producing statistical capacity development in the Global South. Our project will cast light on the continent of Africa, as the region that poses the greatest data challenges for international and local communities. The project’s goal is to interrogate this emerging and powerful relationship of knowledge and governance by analysing the interrelations between state and non-state actors in the production of data for education, health, and poverty policy in three African countries that receive such assistance, such as Senegal, Nigeria, and South Africa, the latter of which also provides such aid on the continent.

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