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Take a look at some of the student work from our first Currents course which gives undergraduates an opportunity to explore a current challenge facing the world from the perspective of different disciplines.

In 2020, we were delighted to launch our first Student Exhibition website. Last year, we saw it populated with student work from Edinburgh Futures Institute’s first Currents course, a multi-disciplinary elective that gives undergraduate students the opportunity to explore a current challenge facing the world from the perspective of different disciplines.

This new course was open to students across the University from any subject area. On it, students created an asset related to their personal experience and understanding of the pandemic.

These assets, written or visual, performative or digital, contributed to the University’s archive of the lived experience of global challenges and a selection of them constitute the exhibition which you can explore here:

We will be adding further assets from the 2022 course in coming weeks.

Also appearing on the site in 2021 and still available to view is an exhibition of the Challenges for the Future of Health that were written by student leaders working in tandem with EFI’s first Edinburgh Futures Conversations: Future of Health event.

The exhibition showcases six images by artists who had recently graduated from the Edinburgh College of Art at the University of Edinburgh that speak to and illustrate each of the six vital Future of Health challenges. View the work here:

We are delighted to announce the addition of a new page to the exhibition which features four walking tours of Edinburgh designed by students on EFI’s ground-breaking interdisciplinary course Creating Edinburgh, which sets out from the seminar room to explore the city of Edinburgh on foot and online. It offers a unique opportunity for students to engage with the contemporary city as a site for new ideas, designs, and methods. The course responds creatively to Edinburgh’s various sites and routes, bringing together students from across the University of Edinburgh to work in interdisciplinary teams.

You can explore this work here:

The course has recently been nominated in the 2022 student-led Teaching Awards, in the category of Outstanding Course. The nominating student wrote:

“This was a brand new course this year but still managed to be one of the best I’ve ever taken! I loved the hands on approach of exploring the city, as well as how many topics were covered.”

You are invited to explore the tours online and, even better – if you are in Edinburgh – in person!

We hope you enjoy these diverse exhibitions and keep an eye on the site for more work coming from Edinburgh Futures Institute students soon.

Join us to challenge, create, and make change happen.