Chris Elsden

Chancellor’s Fellow in Service Design
Headshot of Chris Elsden

I am a design researcher in Design Informatics at the University of Edinburgh. I have a background in sociology, and expertise in the human experience of a data-driven life. Using and developing innovative design research methods, my work undertakes diverse, qualitative and often speculative engagements with participants to investigate emerging relationships with technology – particularly data-driven tools and blockchain technologies. In so doing, I hopes to reveal the many nuanced relationships people and organisations have with digital technology in their everyday lives, and use these insights to identify new and future opportunities for design.

Most recently, my research has focused on designing for ‘Creative Transactions’ bridging research on the Creative Industries and FinTech.

Since 2019 I have worked in Design Informatics, and in an interdisciplinary fashion with colleague across ECA, EFI and CAHSS on various projects related to Data-Driven Innovation. In May 2021 will be beginning a new post closely linked to EFI as a Chancellor’s Fellow in Service Design. While I expect to continue my own research bridging areas of FinTech and Creative, this role will also deliver teaching within EFI, and involve a wider mission surrounding Service Design teaching, research and practice within EFI as a challenge-led institution.

As well as being well connected to like-minded and interdisciplinary colleagues acrosss EFI, I would hope to be supported through support, promotion and resources of/for events, research, grant proposals, sourcing project partners and sharing design methods.

Join us to challenge, create, and make change happen.