Power Trip: New programme of events for Autumn 2023

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We are delighted to announce the opening of “Power Trip” – our third season of events running from 12 October to 20 November 2023.

Edinburgh Futures Institute is delighted to announce the opening of “Power Trip” – our third season of events running from 12 October to 20 November 2023.

The season’s theme, “Power Trip” explores contemporary leadership in all its forms – from the seats of power to the front lines of activist movements, and even in our own workplaces.

The co-produced events in “Power Trip” will explore provocative questions about leadership, as asking: Who is really in charge? In recent times of crises, who have we looked to for leadership? As we look to the future, what new models of leadership are emerging?

Like our previous two seasons, “Power Trip” will offer a range of live events – in person, online and hybrid – including conversations, readings, participatory workshops and commissioned performances.  

All events are free to attend and open to the public.

The Future of Leadership

The “Power Trip” programme kicks off with the University’s fifth Edinburgh Futures Conversations series exploring “The Future of Leadership.”

The first panel event, “Leadership in Times of Crisis,” brings together inspiring public figures, leaders, and organisers.

The event will be held at McEwan Hall and will be chaired by journalist and author Gavin Esler.

The panelists ­– Elif Shafak, Talat Yaqoob, Maja Göpel, and Alicia Garza – will share ideas about what the future of leadership could look like in the context of recent turbulent times of economic, social, and planetary inequality.

The second event of the Edinburgh Futures Conversations series will feature a collaborative performance by composer and sound designer, Pippa Murphy, and poet Tim Tim Cheng, to be held at Inspace Gallery.

The Edinburgh Futures Conversations is a series of events aimed at promoting global cooperation in addressing the critical challenges facing the world. The series is produced and delivered by The University of Edinburgh and the Edinburgh Futures Institute and is open to all.

Previous event seasons

Attendees of our past event seasons, “First Breath” and “Love Machine,” have said:

Thank you for keeping them hybrid/online – I’m not in Edinburgh anymore but it’s a really nice way to keep in touch!

This was an excellent event with the right balance of input from expert speakers, and participant activity. I enjoyed the way ideas were shared, and the pace of the workshop allowed me to think, digest and contribute. It was an excellent way to bring together a host of key yet elusive ideas – I found myself thinking about it over the weekend.

The production and intellectual content of your recent events has been fantastic! Thank you for the opportunity to attend and learn. This is probably the best event I have been to all year.”

We look forward to welcoming you to our new season!

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