EFI Student Research Projects 2023/2024 now open for applications

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The Edinburgh Futures Institute’s Student Research Projects 2023/2024 is now open for applications.

The Edinburgh Futures Institute’s Student Research Projects 2023/2024 is now open for applications. If you have an innovative idea for a research project, we want to hear it! University of Edinburgh undergraduate and postgraduate students from all disciplinary backgrounds are welcome to apply.

We are looking for data-rich and challenge-led projects that include a strong element of co-design and co-creation. Your project could co-develop and create the research questions and/or co-create the final outputs with external partners, including industry, the public sector, and the wider community.

We aim to fund up to 10 projects that relate to the Futures Institute’s key research programmes: Ethics of Data and Artificial Intelligence, Future Infrastructure, Creative, FinTech and Financial Services, Tourism and Festivals, Data Civics and Gov-tech. Your application will be submitted to an interdisciplinary panel chaired by the Future Institute’s Interim Research Director, Dr Theodor Cojoianu.

We are looking for multi-disciplinary research questions that are risky, that challenge existing theoretical and methodological paradigms, and that have the potential to contribute to social transformation. Applicants must demonstrate an ethical research approach and follow University regulations and procedures.

Project applications should have:

  • Clearly identified aims and objectives.
  • Novel research questions, and relevance of the project in relation to the key research programmes noted above.
  • Well defined users of research (stakeholders) and a plan for following up with them after the project.
  • Innovation in target group, activities, and/or methods.

Proposals must specify a budget of up to £1000.

The deadline for applications is 12 noon on Wednesday, 13th December.

In 2022/2023 EFI awarded four projects in different schools and disciplines at the University, supporting student projects with a focus on innovative, multi-disciplinary research for the public good.

A previous awardee said:

“Thank you for supporting this project, it was a very rewarding process for everyone involved.”

Idil Galip, PhD student, School of Social and Political Science

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