Wellbeing in the curriculum and the potential at University of Edinburgh

We developed a briefing paper called “Wellbeing in the curriculum and the potential at University of Edinburgh", which has been co-authored by colleagues from across the University of Edinburgh whose work relates to student support, clinical psychology, global health, wellbeing and compassion.

Over 24 months, members of our research cluster team actively engaged in a variety of working groups, projects and surveys examining diverse initiatives focusing on wellbeing, belonging, and community, contributing to the development of our briefing paper titled ‘Wellbeing in the Curriculum and Potential at University of Edinburgh.’ Drawing from our collective expertise and insights from global education trends, we identified existing practices and recommendations for embedding wellbeing across curricula. Collaborating closely with the Vice Principal of Students and the Transformation Hub, we synthesized findings from our research review, examples of University of Edinburgh’s best practices, and global education sector evidence to inform the Curriculum Transformation Board, aiming to enhance the university-wide student experience of positive wellbeing.

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