Edinburgh Lead Well Project

The Edinburgh Lead Well Project is creating a university-wide transformative learning experience across the University of Edinburgh to empower graduates to lead societal transformation from a place of positive wellbeing.

The Edinburgh Lead Well Pathway

This project seeks to explore innovative ways to integrate wellbeing into the student curriculum through a whole-person and whole-university approach. The Edinburgh Lead Well Pathway is a vertically integrated progression from universal and embedded elements within the discipline-specific curriculum to further opt-in via credit-bearing opportunities along with non-credit-bearing courses and student activities.

Diagram illustrating the Edinburgh Lead Well pathway

Edinburgh Lead Well Advocates

This community of practice bring together passionate people to share insights, exchange ideas, and explore innovative approaches to integrating wellbeing into our curriculum. The Edinburgh Lead Well Project is committed to nurturing a culture of wellbeing within our university community, recognising that the welfare and happiness of both students and educators are paramount to achieving academic excellence. This cluster supports regular gatherings to delve into the various dimensions of embedding wellbeing practices into the fabric of our curriculum. Furthermore, we will showcase examples of best practices for integrating wellbeing initiatives into teaching and learning processes, drawing upon real-life experiences and successes from within our university community. This community of practice gathering also serves as a platform for meaningful dialogue and collaboration, where participants can share their expertise, exchange perspectives, and collectively contribute to advancing the cause of positive wellbeing. We believe that by coming together and leveraging our collective experience, we can create a more supportive and enriching educational environment for all.

Join us to challenge, create, and make change happen.