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Digital Economy and Society

The Digital Economy and Society (DES) Cluster focuses on the social and economic impacts of digital transformation, with a particular focus on how digitalization is transforming the world of work.

“Digital economies open up new opportunities for positive change and development but they can also exacerbate social inequalities and spread new risks. We created this cluster to forge dialogue across boundaries about these complex transformations.”

Dr Andreas Hackl and Dr Mohammad Amir Anwar, Digital Economy and Society Cluster Leads

The Cluster increases the capacity for research collaboration across disciplines at the University of Edinburgh, while generating a fruitful exchange of ideas and research between the University and our international colleagues and partners. A particular goal of our work lies in bridging academia with practice, in part by initiating knowledge exchange and dialogue between researchers and practitioners in the public, private and third sectors.


Panoramic view of Maldives islands from sea plane. Photography by Martin Kovalenkov

Digital economy in Small Island Developing States

Digital Refugee Livelihoods

Covid-19 Response Governance Mapping

Refugees in the digital economy: New Implementation agreement signed with International Labour Organization


Digital transformation is changing the future of work and skills


How is digitalization transforming international development themes and practice? The intersections of tech, policy pressure, and education


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Digital Economy and Society Discussion Series #1: How is digital transformation changing the future of work and skills?

Digital Refugee Livelihoods and Decent Work – Towards inclusion in a fairer digital economy

Meet our researchers

Alec Ross

PhD Candidate
Andreas Hackl headshot

Andreas Hackl

Lecturer in Anthropology of Development
David Mesa-Ruiz headshot

David Mesa-Ruiz

PhD Candidate
George Hamandishe Karekwaivanane headshot

George Karekwaivanane

Senior Lecturer in African Studies
Idil Galip headshot

Idil Galip

PhD Candidate
Isadora Dullaert headshot

Isadora Dullaert

PhD Candidate
Juli Huang headshot

Juli Huang

Senior Lecturer in Anthropology of Development
Júlia Fernandez headshot

Júlia Fernandez Molina

PhD Candidate
Headshot of Kevin Donovan

Kevin P. Donovan

Lecturer in the Centre of African Studies

Maggie Dwyer

Lecturer in African Studies and International Development
Mohammad Amir Anwar headshot

Mohammad Amir Anwar

Lecturer in African Studies and International Development
Oyku Hazal Tural headshot

Oyku Hazal Tural

PhD Candidate
Zeineb Alsabeehg headshot

Zeineb Alsabeehg

PhD Candidate

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