Robotics in Hospitality & Tourism: Practical Solutions for Your Business

This event is specifically designed for professionals within the hospitality and tourism sector who are eager to explore what value robotics can bring to their businesses.

Flourishing in the Academic Community 

A person wearing a blue face mask and white clothing is gently holding a small green plant with both hands. The plant has a few leaves and is rooted in a small amount of soil. The background is blurred, highlighting the plant and the hands.

On Tuesday 5 July 2022, the THRIVE Network hosted a morning of networking and workshopping around priority research themes looking at thriving in the university community.

Visual Methodologies for Public Participatory Work

A complex network of interconnected blue lines resembling a neural network extends across a dark background. Two parallel rows of blue dots run horizontally near the top and bottom edges of the image, creating a frame-like effect.

Dr. Sabine Niederer , founder of the Visual Methodologies Collective at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, introduces visual methodologies and, in particular, digital visual research that makes use of online data and content to research social issue.

Situating & Doing Digital Methods

Two bubble charts compare "Alt left related News Media" (green backgrounds) and "Antifa related News Media" (red background). CNN and Fox News Network are prominent in the left chart. "Before It's News" is prominent on the right chart.

Prof. Richard Rogers (University of Amsterdam) historicised and theorised digital methods, putting forward the notion of ‘online groundedness’, before leading a practical workshop, introducing how to do digital methods.

Join us to challenge, create, and make change happen.