Utopia Lab

Our Utopia Labs are "no-spaces," places where everyone is welcome to join us in dreaming futures that inspire our experience of the present.

Our labs curate interactions between academics, artists, entrepreneurs, students, and audiences in person and online globally. We are interested in that which is provocative and irreverent as well as that which is nurturing and joyful. Utopia questions are catalysts for inquiry, learning, and creativity. With an emphasis on innovative and experimental ways of communicating, we explore meditation, dialogue, and co-creation with the help of a facilitator. Participants consist of University of Edinburgh staff and students, and non-University practitioners.

To date, Utopia Labs have taken place in 2019, 2022, and 2023.

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“Amazing! I hope that Utopia can ring in every event season, the dream space that you curate and allow to flourish is an important and novel lens that EFI offers partners, students, staff, researchers, and anyone with an interest in collaborative thinking and doing.”

Utopia Lab participant

“Utopia is an experimental place of free and limitless expression – and hence incredibly inclusive! Your framing and curation of it is both rigorous and inspiring.”

Utopia Lab participant

“Utopia Lab’s methods, energy and ‘cuts’ into wicked problems of the now and the future are precisely what we need.”

Utopia Lab participant

“Keep doing what you are doing – Utopia Lab is one of the shining lights of Edinburgh Futures Institute.”

Utopia Lab participant

Join us to challenge, create, and make change happen.