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Learn. Create. Change.

The Edinburgh Futures Institute is for the inventive, the critical, and the creative. We are for those who embrace new ways of thinking and want an education that helps shape a better future, for themselves and for our world.

Here, you can expect ambitious, research-led thinking that breaks disciplinary boundaries and is open to participation and risk-taking. With a focus on the future, we are building new ways of thinking, collaborating and working. We invite people at different stages of learning and life to work together on the world’s big challenges.

With our innovative approaches to study and flexible ways into being a student, we are opening up education in new ways. You can choose to study online or on-campus, focus your work on addressing issues you care about, and learn within a community formed from many disciplines, backgrounds and cultures.

You will also be able to connect with communities, businesses, citizens and organisations as you dive into issues linked to your own passions and professional goals. You will learn to combine creative, critical and data-informed knowledge with new skills, to become a confident builder of sustainable and just futures.

Join us as we challenge, create and make change happen.