CFI research assists Perth West £118 Million investment plans

The Centre for Future Infrastructure (CFI) undertook research on behalf of Lamberkin Trust to investigate the potential role of Perth West development to support future low carbon transport via a key hub site.

Wellbeing in the curriculum and the potential at University of Edinburgh

We developed a briefing paper called “Wellbeing in the curriculum and the potential at University of Edinburgh”, which has been co-authored by colleagues from across the University of Edinburgh whose work relates to student support, clinical psychology, global health, wellbeing and compassion.

Edinburgh Lead Well Project

The Edinburgh Lead Well Project is creating a university-wide transformative learning experience across the University of Edinburgh to empower graduates to lead societal transformation from a place of positive wellbeing.

Hearing History

Hearing Histories brings the musical past to life, using the archaeological and historical record to reconstruct lost performance spaces and to hear them resounding, once again, with music.

Gaelic Handwriting Recognition Project

The Gaelic Handwriting Recognition Project is converting 500k words of traditional narrative documents to digital text and training the first automatic handwriting recogniser for the Gaelic language, using the Transkribus platform.

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