Centre for Future Infrastructure

A world-class centre of excellence on infrastructure systems, CFI combines knowledge and expertise within the University’s subject areas of informatics, architecture, social and political studies and business.

The Centre for Future Infrastructure’s (CFI) mission is to deliver solutions for addressing the complex integrated challenges of climate change, sustainability, resilience and global population growth which lead to positive economic, societal and environmental outcomes. Whether it is in the design, planning, delivery or end of asset life, CFI supports and engages with the full life cycle of infrastructure involving the physical, social and digital fabric that underpins our civilised world.

CFI brings together a wide range of diverse disciplines and key research experts from across the University of Edinburgh working with industry and public sector to support new innovative approaches and solutions. Our expertise can be integrated to support projects from engineering, business, geosciences, architecture, planning, social sciences, informatics, health, science, law and humanities.

Infrastructure is a keystone for cities, towns and communities both globally and locally, it enhances our quality of life, and allows us to live, to work, to trade, to travel and to communicate. The world is changing. Extreme weather events are more frequent, natural resources are diminishing, the potential for conflict to protect scarce resources is increasing, and our global economy has experienced unprecedented shocks. Stability is now more challenging to guarantee. Change is the new norm.

Understanding how our infrastructure supports our life-essentials during these times of constant change is a complex system-of-systems problem. It requires many knowledge sources, many skills and many perspectives. Multi-disciplined and inter-disciplinary teams, utilising data driven and evidence based approaches, are needed to address the challenges of building and maintaining infrastructure systems that are resilient, sustainable and adaptable. A world without well-functioning infrastructure is a world without an equitable future for all.

Meet the team

Headshot of Melissa Bedinger

Melissa Bedinger

Research Associate in Future Infrastructure
Headshot of Sean Smith

Sean Smith

Director, Centre for Future Infrastructure

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